“Other presidents of the PP also say that we have a problem of tax harmonization”


Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 8:20 PM

Published on: 11/25/2020 4:33 PM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, responded on Wednesday to criticism from the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who severely criticized the government’s intention to equalize the wealth tax at the level of the autonomous communities , thus forcing it to be collected: “If he speaks with autonomous presidents of the PP, they will also tell him that we have a problem to solve of fiscal harmonization”.

“It is a debate which does not obey a purely ideological question. If we remember certain statements of the regional presidents of the PP, they are aware that we have problems in our tax system”, assured Sánchez during a joint press conference with the Italian Prime Minister. in Palma de Mallorca.

Sánchez thus responds to Ayuso, who this morning threatened to become “the worst nightmare” of anyone who wants to touch the pocket of Madrid. The president, in subsequent statements to LaSexta, warned that this had become “a declaration of war”.

The president defended the executive’s agreement with ERC by which, among other things, the creation of a bilateral committee between the executive and the Generalitat is envisaged to tackle a reform of the wealth tax and harmonize it in all the autonomous communities. This involves setting minimum and maximum rates to prevent Madrid – the only one that does – from reducing the tax to 100%, de facto exempting taxpayers.

“It is a government which, in the stimulus funds, has made territorial cohesion one of its main objectives, and not only social cohesion. We have a challenge called demographic challenge”, also added the Secretary General of the PSOE.

“Tax harmonization is another of the great tasks we have at European level. This tax harmonization must also occur in certain taxes in our country if we are to guarantee something that I am sure everyone can agree to , even Ms. Ayuso: equal opportunities for all citizens, wherever they live, ”he insisted.

Ayuso replies to Sánchez: “He’s not going to face me against other CCAAs.”

Words to which Ayuso responded this afternoon: “They are not going to confront me with other Autonomous Communities of the same political sign because we all want tax cuts, tax breaks, less, less bureaucratic hurdles and help businessmen and entrepreneurs. This path is resounding. false. If the president of the government wants to increase them, let him download them and explain it, and explain to the Madrid society why they intend to increase taxes in the Community of Madrid. “

“What the prime minister said this afternoon about my possible confrontation with other regional chairmen of the PP, of my own party, is simply wrong, you cannot make lies a means of making constant politics, ”said the regional president. According to him, if Pedro Sanchez “wants to increase taxes, let him say it, let him not hide from my colleagues in the party or other regional presidents, let alone the separatists, because at least they are moving forward “.

“If Pedro Sanchez wants to raise taxes, let him say so, that he does not hide from my fellow party members or other regional presidents, let alone the separatists, because at least they are moving forward . “

He insisted that Madrid is not a tax haven, “probably other Autonomous Communities are tax hell, and if they want to have the same levels of prosperity and employment, they must try to reduce them- even taxes and they will see how the young, the self-employed, the middle classes create this job.

He accused the Prime Minister of hiding behind the nationalists, but says it is wrong, “because of course the separatists demand it, who do not want the best for Catalonia but the worst for Madrid. But these are not not my party colleagues, it is the President of the government and of the PSOE who, for decades, have always attacked the fiscal policy of the Community of Madrid “.

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