“Our commitment is to offer our employees the conditions necessary for the proper performance of their work, in a healthy environment with the necessary training and flexibility”

Interview. Fernando Prieto, CEO of HomeServe Espaa: “Our commitment is to offer our employees the conditions necessary for the proper execution of their work, in a healthy environment with the necessary training and flexibility”

HomeServe is a company that, without a doubt, makes a difference. And it does so for many reasons: taking care of employees, attracting talent, teamwork, diversity, teleworking, innovative leadership … values ​​which, especially in the difficult times we live in, are essential for success in the workplace. company level. and the work.

For this reason, from RRHHDigital we were able to speak with Fernando Prieto, CEO in Spain of the company specializing in global solutions for the care and maintenance of homes, businesses and communities. He tells us about the values ​​of the company itself, how they have adapted to the new rules of organization and work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and what their current and future goals are. In addition, we appreciate the recognition of HomeServe Espaa as a great place to work.

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Question. What are the main values ​​for which HomeServe stands out and is identified?

A. What defines us is our passion to put our customers at the heart of everything we do, while combining innovation with integrity and professionalism and our constant work to be the best at what we do. let’s do.

But, also, one of the characteristics that identifies HomeServe and makes it unique is our team. We have always had the philosophy of being a family and although we have grown up to become a large company and belong to a large international group we do not want to lose that essence. For us, proximity, motivation, support, enthusiasm and teamwork are the leitmotifs of every day.

Q. There is a feeling, that of happiness, that of a smile that defines the HomeServe team, isn’t there?

A. Indeed. Our team makes the difference, it is one of our differential values, as much by the way in which we organize ourselves as by their motivation and their commitment in the company. It is essential for us that employees feel that HomeServe is a great place to work. In 2020, we ratified it because we were recently recognized as ‘Great Place to Work’, which makes us not only proud of what this means in terms of team culture, but also because we have been the first in our industry to achieve this. certified in Spain.

Q. The talent of its teams is part of HomeServe’s DNA. How do you take care of talent and diversity in the organization?

A. Our commitment to our customers is to take care of their entire home, and to our employees: “Take care of our team”. With this vision, we work to build a strong and solid relationship with every employee, fostering the attraction, development and retention of talent through a fair work environment and their own experience as part of HomeServe.

For HomeServe, having the best professionals is essential, only then can we provide our customers with the best service. But we do not only make sure to attract this precious human team, we also bet on the new generations who come to our sector and, for this, we have signed various agreements with universities and business schools through which we promote internships. with training.

Since our origins, the promotion of gender, cultural, generational and functional diversity has always been a priority. The proof is that today, we have a heterogeneous team that brings us great value as a company.

Q. Perseverance, courage, integrity, camaraderie … are they essential to become a great employer brand?

A. Absolutely. At HomeServe, we have created an open, inclusive and very positive culture, which is very marked by what we call the “HomeServe Way”, which is our brand of identity. It highlights three guiding behaviors, namely courage, perseverance and integrity. All of them are evident in the daily life of our teams without ever losing the smile that is part of our logo.

Q. Objectives such as teleworking and the importance of internal communication are more relevant than ever. How do you work with HomeServe?

A. With the arrival of this pandemic 8 months ago, many companies have been forced to leave their comfort zone. But the reality is that at HomeServe, we already had several projects which, in fact, helped us to deal with this situation quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Our commitment is to offer our employees the conditions necessary for the proper performance of their work, in a healthy environment and, in addition, to provide them with the necessary training and flexibility. A clear example is our “HomeServe Concilia” project, created to promote flexibility and improve reconciliation between our employees, which has enabled us to set up teleworking for almost 100% of our workforce, or around 1,700 people across the entire workforce. country. , with enormous speed and solvency.

In addition, we have made every effort to strengthen internal communication so that the entire HomeServe team not only feels safe, but also proud to be a part of this company, no matter how far away we are today. We took advantage of these months to increase the training plans of our staff, improve training in technical skills and skills to be better and better prepared. E-learning has helped us a lot to be closer to people and to support them with little pills and tips to deal with stress and uncertainty, learn to work remotely or manage projects with colleagues via the screen . In addition, we have gone to great lengths to communicate the company’s plans, to send out messages of support and positivity, and also to encourage the participation of our households in corporate and even recreational activities.

Q. Finally, as a leader: how has leadership evolved in recent months? A more human, more empathetic leader …

A. Of course, there is no better time than the one we are living in for business leaders to engage and do their utmost to be alongside our team, support, empathize, detect the opportunities that may arise and prepare for the future; Only in this way will we be loyal, not only to our employees, but also to our customers. The leader must respond to a balance between demand and humanity and know how to adapt to moments by relying on his team.

Q. You just announced that you have been GPTW certified, what does this recognition mean to you?

A. Being recognized as a great place to work is very important to us, it truly is recognition for all of us who make HomeServe. Companies are made by their teams and the achievements are theirs. I really can’t wait to celebrate this achievement with everyone because we have a common, strong and lasting project that unites us all.

Our commitment as a team is what makes us great and encourages us to continue to develop and capitalize on talent.

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