Outbreak with 21 cases of COVID in a residence in Madrid with all the elderly vaccinated: there are seven hospitalized

The Orpea San Blas retirement home in Madrid has recorded an epidemic of 21 users infected with the coronavirus. Despite the fact that they were all vaccinated with both doses, seven had to be admitted to Ramón y Cajal Hospital, as confirmed by Deputy Health Minister Antonio Zapatero.

In these cases, the protocol has been activated at the Outbreak Center (a case of coronavirus is already considered an epidemic), with all internal restrictions and during adequate visits. Zapatero explained that the outbreak was detected after two patients were admitted to the emergency room for reasons unrelated to COVID on May 30. Specifically, one patient suffered a hip fracture and another suffered from aspiration pneumonia (swallowing food goes badly and infection occurs).

It was then that they detected that they were positive by PCR. After that, an antigen test was carried out on the entire second floor of the residence and a day later 14 positives were confirmed, five of which had to be transferred to Ramón y Cajal Hospital. In total, since May 30, 21 positives have been detected among residents and, according to Zapatero, the responsible strain could be the British.

As the Madrid chief of health explained, “he is vaccinated at a high rate, but the vaccine does not prevent a citizen from being infected”. However, he says, what usually happens is that when there is an infection in a vaccinated citizen, the infection does not acquire great clinical significance. Although there have been cases of “drip” coronavirus in this sector of the population for several months, with the massive vaccination of this population, infections have dropped drastically.

The last epidemic dates back to the beginning of the year in the Los Nogales Puerta de Hierro and Vigor de Becerril residences, which resulted in more than 20 deaths. But nothing to do with the first wave, in which more than 6,000 elderly people died in nursing homes, most of them due to COVID or compatible symptoms.

Precisely because of this situation of relative calm and control in nursing homes, the Community of Madrid has authorized users of fully vaccinated nursing homes to receive visitors in the rooms, to eat together, to maintain physical contact in activities, wearing a mask and other exceptions. or present shows with limited capacity for family members.

This is reflected in the update, in force since this week, of the Guide to measures against coronavirus infection in residential socio-health centers for the elderly in the region prepared by the Ministry of Health and Social Policies, in force since April 16.

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