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The Basics While regional candidate Julien Odoul (RN) was more concerned about the issue of suicides in agriculture, the daily Liberation revealed on Friday 4th June footage that could damage this image of the ardent defender of the rural cause.

A recording revealed by Liberation this Friday, June 4th, could well weaken the frontrunner of the RN party in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region. In this audio document, Julien Odoul actually takes up the question of suicides, which are very numerous in agriculture, ironically. According to sources, between 350 and 600 farmers die each year. A report on preventing this scourge was even handed over to Prime Minister Jean Castex late last year.

In the record unearthed by Liberation, which emerged from an internal meeting of the Rassemblement National Group in December 2019, three far-right regional advisers Julien Odoul, Julien Guibert and Jacques Ricciardetti joke so far about the difficult subject of “wellbeing of farmers” to make fun of them who end up killing themselves. “The farmer hanging on the ridge of his shed … Did he leave any marks? Did he piss himself on it?” Explains Jacques Ricciardetti. Outbid by Julien Odoul, which creates general amusement: “Is the rope French?”

“It is totally unworthy”

An exit that reacted immediately. “If the statements of this elected official are proven, it is utterly unworthy. The suicide of farmers is a very serious and very difficult issue that we are constantly working on,” says Sébastien Albouy, Vice-President of the Haute-Garonne Chamber of Agriculture.

Politically, too, this new controversy has not gone unnoticed. “Disgusting. The real face of the RN is also that of contempt,” says Yaël Braun-Pivet, LREM member of Yvelines, indignantly. “So that’s all the consideration the National Gathering has for the agricultural world. Demagoguery on the facade, but in reality contempt. Throwing up,” added Creuse LREM deputy and farmer Jean-Baptiste Moreau on Twitter.

So that’s the whole rationale @RNational_off has for the agricultural world. Demagogy on the facade, but in reality contempt. Disgusting. In addition, their agricultural program is extremely poor and would lead to the disappearance of French agriculture.

– Jean Baptiste Moreau (@ moreaujb23) June 4, 2021

A controversial candidate

When Julien Odoul talks about farmers today, it’s not his first attempt. In 2019, during a plenary session of the Bourgogne Franche Comté Council, the regional councilor RN threatened to leave the plenary hall if a veiled child escort does not come out. The elected right-wing extremist had denounced non-compliance with “secular principles”.

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More recently, when Julien Odoul was participating in a debate about uncertainty about LCI, he let go, “I’m not blonde, me.” A thought to which his interlocutor, Florence Portelli, Vice-President LR of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, answered dryly: “So like Marine Le Pen? It’s serious. Bravo sexism. So am I blonde am I stupid? ?

“I’m not blond!”

Outraged by the sexism of @JulienOdoul, the head of the RN, who reminds us of the real face of the backward and misogynistic right-wing extremists! Do you guarantee these comments @MLP_officiel and @J_Bardella? #NeRienLissentPasser

– Florence Portelli (@FloPortelli) April 13, 2021

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