Outlook calendar launches a dashboard view

Outlook calendar users have always criticized its overly simplicity. However, Microsoft continues to pave the way for a new version of its email and calendar client, which will be unified across all platforms under One Outlook. As this materializes, the Redmonds have been working on an interesting new addition to the calendar, in its web version.

The novelty is a new dashboard view that allows us to view tasks, calendars, files, emails marked with follow-up … All under the same interface. In this way, we can organize our schedule in an agile way, taking into account everything that we have added to our board.

The Outlook calendar becomes a Swiss Army knife

On average, people use 6 tools to monitor everything they have to do. It’s a lot of change of context, back and forth and even duplication of traces.

With these words, Gabriel Valdez, Marketing Director of Outlook, indicated the purpose of this new dashboard view. Basically, this view integrates all of the task and project tracking tools that exist in Microsoft 365. This way the user is not required to switch between various services and browser tabs to perform this tracking.

At the moment, the dashboard view is available in Outlook for the web in the professional version of Microsoft 365. It is expected that in the coming weeks, too, it will eventually reach consumers in the consumer market and educative. However, it is not clear when this functionality will eventually make its way to Outlook for Windows or the mobile versions of the service.

Microsoft also announced several enhancements for Outlook on iOS and Android. Among them, it emerges that the application will offer the best hours to schedule meetings between business users and the education sector. In this way, it will be easier to avoid time conflicts between the participants.

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