Outlook for Android will allow you to edit the inbox

Email is a double-edged sword. They provide us with a large amount of information, but we are overrun with the enormous amount of daily emails. When using Outlook on mobile, there may be some things we want to focus on, that’s why since we don’t all have the same emails, we’ll have different ways to display them on Android.

Outlook for Android will integrate different views

Microsoft’s goal is to provide an experience tailored to the needs of all users. So, as we were able to find out thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known reverse-engineered filter, Outlook will include more options in its Android app.

#Microsoft is working on a density preference which will change the appearance of the inbox in #Outlook for #Android 👀

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) March 25, 2021

We will have different content density options. Spacious so that we can see every detail. Medium, which allows us to enjoy more information about emails without losing key details. And on the other hand, for smaller screens we have the Compact option where we will have to move between the different areas.

It is interesting to this bet from Microsoft that it is not the first time that we are seeing it. This option is already available in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app and, among other things, limits the spacing between emails.

We understand that the purpose of smartphones is to offer more details about a received email, with the tag information or attached files. In the compact option, it will be limited to offering information about the sender and the title of the email.

Despite more and more smartphones with larger screens, it’s interesting. This allows us to have more emails at hand without having to move, which is handy when we are using our smartphone. We will be on the lookout for the arrival of this feature on Android and iOS. At the moment, it is not available on iOS or in the beta version of TestFlight although it could be imminent.

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