Outlook for Android will improve in handling emails

Outlook is one of Microsoft’s main applications. The messaging service remains, today, one of the fundamental pillars of the Microsoft 365 suite. However, Outlook does not have the same number of features on all platforms. For example, we see how the Windows 10 program differs greatly from the smartphone app.

At Microsoft, they are aware of this problem and are working on the migration of these functions to the various mobile platforms. On this occasion, it will be Outlook for Android users which will have a new possibility of managing emails. The famous categories, already present in Windows 10 and on the web, arrive on the Android application.

Categories are coming to Outlook for Android

Reverse engineering enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered that Microsoft is working on bringing categories to Android. This feature will make it easier for us to manage emails by grouping messages into different categories. These emails will be “painted” in the category color and we can also use them to define filters in searches.

Remember, for better performance in workflows, categories are more efficient than folders. In this case, the Outlook app for Android will not only allow you to establish categories for emails, we can also use them with appointments and calendar contacts.

#Microsoft is working on “Categories” on #Outlook for #Android đź‘€
You can use categories to group and manage your emails, events, and contacts.

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) November 11, 2020

We can manage the categories from the app settings. From there, we can create categories, give them a name and assign them a color. Of course, the categories created previously will appear and we can modify them. This feature will allow us to manage mail in a very visual way.

As we said, Microsoft is working on this function. The unknown, then, is when it will reach the public, although it is expected that Outlook Beta users can test it out in the coming days. In the coming weeks, it is also expected to reach iOS users.

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