Outlook for iOS and Windows will make it easier to join a Teams meeting

icrosoft Outlook is about to get a new feature. Adaptation of Meet Now which will allow users to start an instant meeting in Microsoft Teams. The update appears to initially target the Outlook Windows client in December. While the iOS version of the app would arrive in a few months.

Substantial improvement in meetings in Teams

Currently, meeting organizers need to set up a video call by linking in their web browser or with the Teams desktop client by clicking the Meet Now button. It’s not a smooth workflow for people who often have to manage back-to-back meetings. With the Meet Now option, Outlook users will be able to start the Teams meeting directly from the Calendar tab on their Windows computers.

With the next update, however, joining meetings in the iOS version from within the app will be much easier. Stephan Fr-hwirth, a Microsoft Digital Workplace Specialist, revealed on LinkedIn that the Outlook widget for iOS14 will display a “Join” option for future user team meetings. It’s important to note that iOS widgets are only compatible with iOS 14 released earlier this fall.

Apparently, the iOS app will support other video conferencing services as well. Tero Alhonen posted on August 10: “We will now see a button to join events from popular online meeting providers such as Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting.” However, it remains to be seen whether Outlook for Windows will also offer similar functionality.

It goes without saying that the new meeting experience should help attendees increase their productivity. This could cause more people to use the Teams, Meet Now option. Overall, it’s good to see the meeting experience evolving, especially as Microsoft Teams currently has over 115 million daily active users.

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