Outlook for Windows will have new translation options

Microsoft is currently working on a new set of translation features for Outlook for Windows that will make it easier for users to translate their emails. Translation features will arrive in January 2021, according to an email sent to Office 365 subscribers.

Understand your emails better without leaving Outlook

With this new translation experience, users can automatically translate words, sentences and entire messages on their Windows PC. Specifically, when a user receives a message in a language other than the default language of the user’s mailbox, the app will automatically provide a translation suggestion.

Microsoft says there is also an option for users to opt for machine translation. Where Outlook application will automatically translate all received messages to other languages. It is important to note that the translation is an optional experience and will be in accordance with the privacy settings of your respective organization.

The translate feature is a useful feature which will hopefully make it easier to communicate and collaborate in different languages. Right now, it’s under development and available for Office Insiders. If you want to get early access to this new Outlook feature, you need to join the Office Insider program. This feature will officially begin rolling out in mid-January.

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