Outlook launches new extension for Microsoft Edge

Extensions are a double-edged sword, they can be very useful, but they end up overloading the browser and can be problematic. However, in the short time that we were able to test, the Outlook extension convinces. We will show you what it is.

Outlook always at your fingertips with the extension for Edge

With Outlook in Microsoft Edge we have exactly that, a miniature version of Outlook in our browser which, far from being limited, gives us the same functions as the smartphone app. So, with a small extension, we have the full potential of Outlook in seconds. In addition, it is compatible with personal and professional accounts.

The usual would be to be able to read emails, but the interface already reminds us of smartphones. But, we can also compose an email or reply to existing emails without leaving the browser or opening additional windows. It’s a great extension to always have Outlook handy and to be able to consult or reply to an email quickly.

Surely under these premises many of you would have already been convinced by this extension, but we can also access our calendar, our contacts and even Microsoft To-Do tasks. In this sense, this extension is a real treat for those who use Microsoft services. We have everything at our fingertips in a simple extension that allows us to access our information at any time.

This extension is great for composing an email while reviewing information or looking at a phone after seeing something in Microsoft Edge. This allows us to be more productive and not lose sight of what we were doing at all times.

We’re happy to see Microsoft’s work beyond the browser and hope this will result in an Outlook widget in Windows 11 to have our mail, tasks, or calendar always at hand.

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