Outlook will allow us to see the contents of ZIP files on our iPhone

Outlook on our smartphone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows us to always be connected but, to a certain extent, it ties us to our smartphone and mail. Of course, it has certain limitations which allowed us to apologize by not being in front of the computer.

We have indicated this limitation in the past because the excuse of not being able to open compressed files on the smartphone will no longer be. From now on, Outlook will allow us to work with compressed ZIP files. Something very useful to be able to view attachments from anywhere.

Access ZIP archives from Outlook app

Outlook for iOS version 4.2105.0 includes the ability to preview the contents of ZIP files. As we show you in the picture, not only will the content be seen, but we will also be able to see said content and work on it.

The operation is very smooth even if it takes a little time to display the option in those ZIP files larger than 10MB. We understand that the functionality will be gradually refined by Microsoft. Of course, iOS users can now get the most out of their smartphone.

On Android, this is not so necessary to be able to access the file system.

And the Apple Watch will notify us of our unread mail

In addition to what we have reported, Microsoft yesterday released a new compilation of Outlook for iOS for Office Insiders. This latest compilation will show us how many unread messages we have in our Outlook inbox on Apple Watch. Torture for those who have many unread messages or for the challenge of having them all as read.

If you are an Office Insider, you can download the latest version of Outlook for iOS from the Apple TestFlight app to test this new feature for watchOS.

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