Outlook will change the way you attach files

Companies suffer from multiple leaks and, to our chagrin, Microsoft too. We say this because the surprise is lost, the enthusiasm for discovering something new that Microsoft engineers have put their time and resources into is wasted. This time we have to talk about Outlook.

Outlook is one of the group of applications or services that want to evolve. Microsoft is making substantial changes to its apps and we love what we’re seeing. This time it’s something simple but interesting, we’re talking about attaching files.

Attach files without going to folders in Outlook

Outlook has incorporated similar functionality in the past. We can quote or mention people in the email simply by putting an “@” and writing the name below. Something very simple but very practical at the same time that allows us to better direct the message when there are more people involved.

To invoke the ability to attach files or even quick notes, we just have to use the “/” bar and then it will search for files, quick notes or items in the clipboard. An adaptation of the existing option in Microsoft Outlook which allows us to attach recent files.

/ Search files 🆕

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) January 16, 2021

As you can see, it’s an interface very well integrated with OneDrive and also shows us the last time we opened the aforementioned file. This file picker will surely end up letting you search based on the context of the email.

That’s why Microsoft is working hard to align the Outlook experience. The Redmond giant wants to unify the experience so that we have the same options and the same interface. So no matter where we use Outlook, we will have all the options at our disposal.

We haven’t been able to test it yet, but it will gradually be available to all Outlook users. We remind you that this is a function that comes from Outlook on the web, its deployment will therefore be gradual.

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