Outlook will revolutionize email with extensions

Microsoft has long been against traditional email. Yes, we can embed endless text with different formats, tables and whatever we can think of, but it’s still simple content. Years ago, many years ago, Microsoft spoke up when building their cards and it hardly got any relevance. Now, years later, we’re starting to see how its presence is starting to spread everywhere, even in Outlook.

Extensions will help take Outlook mail to the next level

The main point Microsoft needs to resolve is compatibility with other messaging platforms. Otherwise, the person we’re sending the information to won’t be able to see it or will have to do so on the web, losing some of the experience. But the reality is that Microsoft is already ready to receive message extensions in Outlook.

This will provide a seamless experience integrating information from Microsoft Teams and Outlook on the web. Thus, when a user writes a message, he will be able to select a series of extensions from which to choose. For example, we can compose a message and select an extension that shows the tasks the team is working on and all the content will be actionable.

This opens up endless possibilities and, if done the right way, it will allow us to incorporate these extensions into any email and have actionable elements and much more. No more text-only emails, we can complete them much better.

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