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80% of people who participate in outplacement programs find a job within a year. The Adecco Group consulting firm specializing in supporting organizations in their transformation processes, LHH, carried out a study which shows that most relocated people manage to find a job after 6 months, while those who do not have not participated in outplacement programs take a year to get a new job.

The consulting firm analyzed Adecco’s outplacement programs in the 15th LHH Outplacement Report. The report collects data from the nearly 5,000 applicants who participated in 2020.

The study shows that 54% of candidates who took part in an outplacement program got a new job in less than six months. In contrast, 24% of them found a job between the seventh and eleventh month. These data show that 78% of participants found a new job within a year.

Likewise, they point out that the average search time for a new job among candidates who have participated in this type of program is 6.3 months. This period contrasts with the 12.2 months it takes on average in Spain to find a job.

The majority of participants in this program, 87%, find employment as an employee. Of those who do this type of work, 88% get a long-term contract, while 35% improve or maintain their pay. Only 13% of participants in these programs opt for self-employment.

Among the participants, the majority of them, 58%, are men and the average starting age of the outplacement program is 42 years.

The autonomous communities in which more programs of this type are carried out are the Community of Madrid and Catalonia. 38% of the candidates come from the Community of Madrid, while 26% come from Catalonia.

LHH Espaa Director Marcos Huergo says outplacement programs “are important for companies and workers because they ensure a smooth and professional separation. People who leave a company find work in less time than other candidates, they are supported by specialists throughout the transition process ”.

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