Over 150,000 scholarships, internships and youth entrepreneurship thanks to Banco Santander

Over 150,000 scholarships, internships and youth entrepreneurship thanks to Banco Santander

Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, awarded more than 156,000 scholarships for studies, professional practices and support for entrepreneurship in 2020, 56% more than in 2019, with an investment of 110 million euros.

Of these, more than 48,800 went to university students and graduates to develop their skills; more than 32,700 to support young entrepreneurs in the development or promotion of their projects and more than 75,200 for professional practices and other training and employment orientation programs.

The strong impact of the pandemic and its consequences in the educational, social and economic spheres led to a rapid rethinking, during the month of March 2020, of the patronage that the entity is developing to support the university community of the countries in which it operates.

To cope with the continuity of studies and the future employability of students, university graduates and young professionals, Banco Santander has accelerated the evolution of its scholarship and aid program in 2020, focusing on the transformation digital and social needs caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19 has called into question the ability of universities to continue to train and support students during the pandemic in a safe manner. In the field of education, more than 100,000 people have benefited from the actions promoted by Santander Universidades, in particular scholarships, grants and support for the digital transition, thanks to the more than 30 million euros allocated to various initiatives such as the Supera COVID-Fund. 19 for research projects, social impact and reduction of the digital divide; helping students in unfavorable economic circumstances and promoting employability and professional development, among other things.

To reduce the digital divide for students, the provision of technological resources by Santander was essential, as well as online training as an alternative to some face-to-face programs or mobility scholarships, which had to be changed due to restrictions arising from the pandemic.

In 2020, they also highlighted helping vulnerable young people to continue their studies and the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa and #InvierteEnT scholarships for training in the development of transversal, digital and linguistic skills in order to improve employability and professional development. students and teachers. In this sense, the perimeter was extended for the first time to new groups affected by covid-19, such as the unemployed, with the aim of improving their skills to face a changing labor market.

In line with Banco Santander’s commitment to support and support young entrepreneurs, articulated through Santander X, the entity launched in 2020 various global and local initiatives such as the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge, which sought innovative solutions to mitigate the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, o Santander X Global Award, to identify high impact projects that were expected to accelerate their growth and innovative solutions that were in the early stages of business development.

“Part of this change has come to last, not only because the pandemic continues to affect the normality of social and academic life, but also because the offer of online or hybrid training will be consolidated as relevant responsibilities. of higher education. From Banco Santander, we will continue to help the university face these challenges and others that allow it to continue to play an important role in the future of society ”, said Javier Rogl, Global Director of universities of Santander.

In this way, Santander has continued to build on education, entrepreneurship and the employability of young people as the basic pillars on which it supports its support for higher education, with a key boost in 2020 for the transformation. digital.

The scholarship program promoted by Santander, through Santander Universidades, for 25 years, is part of its commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth and its leadership position as a socially responsible bank. In addition, it is considered to be one of the largest initiatives of its kind supported by a private entity, which has already allocated nearly 2,000 million euros to education since 2002 and awarded 600,000 scholarships since 2005.

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