Over 2,700 Telefnica volunteers took part in the Christmas solidarity campaign

Over 2,700 Telefnica volunteers took part in the Christmas solidarity campaign

The Fundación Telefnica celebrated Christmas with its most united campaign through its volunteering program, through which it organized different activities to support those who need it most on these special and complicated dates, especially in a year like this -this.

Under the slogan “The world needs more Christmas than ever”, the Fundación Telefnica encouraged people to join this campaign with which they can support the most vulnerable people on these dates through the proposed activities. In total, the organization made 2,726 registrations for this solidarity campaign. Among the various solidarity initiatives launched from the volunteering program, more than 900 registrations were obtained for the delivery of gifts to children and young people, more than 700 for the preparation of solidarity food baskets and more than 100 in the case of support for the elderly, among other projects.

Solidarity food baskets

One of the main initiatives proposed by the Telefónica Foundation and its volunteers, in collaboration with the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation, to help these families in situations of social vulnerability was the preparation of solidarity food baskets for these families in precarious situations.

The initiative has collected a total of 732 registrations in this campaign, through which all registrants will prepare baskets of food and essentials that the Telefónica Foundation will send throughout the month of January to those who need it most. The great reception of the initiative and the support of all the participants will mean, according to the calculations of the social entities, around 5,000 beneficiaries.

In addition, for each basket, the Fundación Telefónica will make a donation that will go to the Red Cross and Critas.

A smile for Christmas

Among the solidarity initiatives for this Christmas 2020, the Fundación Telefnica is also joining the international cooperation campaign “A smile for Christmas”, with the aim of ensuring that children and young people in vulnerable situations can have a gift. this Christmas. In total, 911 registrations responded to the organizations’ call to keep the little ones happy on these special dates.

All registrants will give that smile for Christmas after receiving a link in which a child is assigned to them with the necessary details to be able to send the gift, all this virtually to maintain security measures, although this has also been activated the possibility of leave the gift in person.

“ Innocent and innocent gala ”

Telefnica Volunteers also participated in the “Innocent, Innocent Gala”, which raised 1.6 million euros intended to help boys and girls at risk of social exclusion and their families. The more than 100 Telefnica Volunteers who participated one more year in this gala collaborated as “solidarity influencers”, encouraging participation and supporting the management of social networks during the gala with the dissemination of a video produced by the Fundacin Inocente aims to put a face to child poverty in Spain, in addition to its work answering phone calls to collect donations from spectators.

The gala broadcast on December 28 marked the 25th anniversary of this solidarity initiative which, this year marked by the pandemic, took place in person and virtually. The event also had the virtual participation of Carmen Morens, Executive Director of the Telefnica Foundation, and Carlos Palacios, Global Director of the Volunteer Program, and the live participation of several volunteers from their homes to share their experiences in the program. .

Fundación Telefónica, the social side of the digital age

Fundacin Telefnica has been working since 1998 to be a catalyst for social inclusion in the digital age, by mobilizing other social agents, to join forces and promote transformation. With this vision, he seeks to improve the development opportunities of people, through educational, social and cultural projects. It works along 4 strategic axes: education, betting on its quality as a vector of social transformation, exploring, inspiring and transforming teaching models to bridge the educational gap; Employability, helping people find employment opportunities and train themselves in the most requested technological profiles; Digital culture, creation and sharing of cultural and technological knowledge through various initiatives related to science, innovation, art and STEAM learning; and Corporate Volunteering, by mobilizing our employees, present in 32 countries, through Telefnica Volunteers, to carry out solidarity actions responding to social needs.

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