Over 30% of all jobs in Spain could be telecommuted

According to a study by the Bank of Spain.

Teleworking could be the key word for business activity in 2021. The COVID-19 health crisis has forced companies to adapt to the “new reality” by digitizing their processes and promoting remote work for their employees . According to a recent study by the Bank of Spain, 30.6% of all jobs could be performed in teleworking, reaching 60% in the range of skilled occupations.

Depending on the type of occupation, telework is more common among the self-employed, small businesses and skilled occupations, and is more common among those aged 35 to 65 and among workers with a university education. However, implementing telework in companies can present challenges and reduce productivity if not done properly. For this reason, it is convenient to apply certain recommendations and have tools that help streamline the activity and allow the development of collaborative projects between team members who work remotely.

Making the transition to telecommuting so that employees can find a balance between their personal and professional lives is one of the main challenges, but not the only one. Establishing agile and efficient communication, consolidating new ways of approaching tasks and organizing daily routine, as well as avoiding the human isolation of employees without reducing productivity levels are also priorities.

Tips for optimizing the work of collaborative teams

Use effective tools

With the new regulations on teleworking, the company must now provide remote employees with the telematics means and work equipment necessary for the performance of their work. Supporting remote work requires the use of digital structures and new procedures which require a significant organizational effort at the start and also a lot of technology.

Currently, there are different tools that allow interaction and teamwork. Software as a service (SaaS) is booming for this. These are digital solutions that allow workers to use cloud-based applications on the internet.

One of the most popular and recommended is MeisterTask, a visual and intuitive tool for team project management. With an assigned task board and calendar system, among other features, it allows you to perform and automate tasks in addition to developing projects in an easy way. collaborative at a sustainable pace. To facilitate a vision of the status of the work, it is based on simple and aesthetically attractive graphic elements.

When it comes to telecommuting with these types of tools, integrating them with other digital services and utilities is essential. Therefore, MeisterTask can be integrated with a long list of popular apps like MindMeister, G Suite, Google Drive, Outlook, Dropbox, Slack, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and Zapier, among others.

MeisterTask is the largest work management tool in Germany and has over 3 million users worldwide. Since its launch in 2015, it has been ranked among the best apps by the Apple App Store, Google Chrome Store, WIRED, Zapier, and many more.

The increased use and dependence on personal devices and tools connected to the network has created new opportunities for cybercriminals. 60% of companies revealed an increase in security breaches during their transition to telecommuting, while 34% confirmed having experienced breaches of their networks, according to Fortinet’s 2020 Telework Cyber ​​Security Report.

The reliability of the tools chosen for teleworking is precisely one of the priorities of Meister, the company that created the MeisterTask and MindMeister tools. Its servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and it complies with data protection regulations and is a certified trust service in the cloud.

Because of our strong focus on security, our tools are particularly popular with businesses across the European Union, says Michael Hollauff, Founder, Remote Asset Management Specialist, CEO and Co-Founder of Meister.

Establish common and flexible schedules

Telecommuting doesn’t just mean providing employees with computing devices, tools and an internet connection from their homes, it also means providing multiple features and framing it all in a flexible time and location.

Some companies have opted for systems that combine remote work and support at the workplace. They proliferate the formula of going to the office only two days a week and the possibility of doing so one week of each month, leaving the rest for telecommuting.

There are several alternatives, including 100% remote working, but it is always recommended to establish a fixed time frame in which all employees coincide, or at least those who need to collaborate on common departments or projects. The rest can be tailored to suit individual needs. Moreover, for flexibility to occur, it is essential to have complete trust in colleagues and employees.

Working from home has its advantages for companies and workers, but it also requires effort on the part of employees, who must balance their personal and professional life. The best way to approach the challenges of sharing work, leisure and family in the same space is to have an efficient organization and to comply with it.

Developing work routines as well as sticking to established schedules and deadlines is essential to avoid distractions and maintain productivity levels. In this sense, MeisterTask provides calendar, notification, time control, dependent task and deadline functionality that allows the user to have absolute time control, explains the CEO of Meister.

Lack of physical contact with the team can end up affecting employees who are constantly telecommuting and feeling increasingly isolated. To avoid this, communication channels can be set up to deal with non-work-related issues, in addition to beneficial dynamics such as periodic virtual cafes or coffee breaks. There are even companies that run virtual themed sessions with experts on different topics of personal interest to group members that can range from coffee to mindfulness. This type of activity humanizes remote working and makes it more pleasant and closer.

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