over 80% fail due to a lack of skills and knowledge

The drama of digitalization in companies: more than 80% fail due to lack of skills and knowledge

The current scenario caused by the health crisis, associated with the advancement of new technologies in the workplace, has caused a critical situation in companies. While most of them already had digital transformation initiatives, these focused on choosing and implementing the most appropriate technologies to run their business. This has caused, according to a report by the consulting firm BTS, that 84% of these processes have failed, forgetting that digital transformation is an eminently human process, in which it becomes essential to promote the digital culture of employees.

To occupy a leading position in the market, companies must therefore have professionals with the necessary skills to face a digital workspace, and able to make the most of the new technologies available.

Aware of this need, Digital Gapp is launching its digital skills training platform. Under an interface reminiscent of the most popular streaming platforms, Digital Gapp makes a package available to companies with more than 700 courses capable of boosting the digital talent of all their staff. Even for the most senior, thanks to the user-friendliness of its platform and an attractive and effective learning experience.

Thanks to a methodology specially designed to train the whole team, whatever their position or their level of knowledge, any professional will be able to acquire very technical skills and knowledge such as Big Data, Blockchain or Design Thinking, in a way agile and efficient.

In addition, Digital Gapp provides employees with more than 200 agile and dynamic training resources to facilitate their learning and knowledge retention. Interactive, pdcast, videos …, which will increase motivation and promote self-development.

“As part of our constant motivation to innovate in corporate training processes, we have developed a new Digital Gapp platform, capable of enhancing the digital talent of its users. Thanks to it and the use of new formats such as podcasts, professionals will finally be able to enjoy an unlimited training experience, anytime, anywhere. Jos Luis de Federico, founder and CEO of Digital Gapp (Bizpills Group).

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