over a million doses injected

Update: Monday 07 June 2021 19:40

Posted: 07.06.2021 19:39

During this weekend, several milestones were reached in terms of vaccination against the coronavirus in Spain. This was announced by the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, who celebrated the weekend in which more people were vaccinated, with more than a million doses inoculated.

Concretely, during this period, 1,255,000 injections were performed. But this is not the only good news reported by the vaccination data, because, on the other hand, in Spain there are already more than eleven million people with the full schedule and more than 30 million with at least one dose.

This means that, among the population to be vaccinated, 49.3% already have at least one dose and 27.4% have a full schedule.

“The immunization data will get us out of there and help us regain a life more like the one we had,” said the health spokesperson, pleased with the rate at which the country is being vaccinated.

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