Oxfam says 11 people are starving every minute around the world

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Oxfam said 11 people die of starvation every minute, people who have faced famine-like situations over the past year.
The number of people dying of hunger is increasing in a world suffering from severe food shortages. Oxfam, an organization working to eradicate poverty, said that every minute 11 people die of hunger around the world. Over the past year, the number of people facing famine situations around the world has increased sixfold.

Oxfam said in a report titled “The Hunger Virus Multiplex” that the number of deaths from starvation has exceeded the number of people who have died from Kovid-19. As a result of Kovid-19, around seven people die every minute around the world. Oxfam America CEO Abby Maxman said: “The numbers are shocking. But we must not forget that these figures are made of people who are going through unimaginable suffering. The report states that around 155 million people around the world are facing the acute crisis of food insecurity and this figure is 20 million more than last year’s figures.

More than 5 20,000 people on the brink of famine
About two thirds of these people are victims of famine and this is due to the ongoing military conflict in their country. Maxman said: “The economic impact of Kovid-19 and the ruthless conflicts, the worsening climate crisis has pushed more than 520,000 people to the brink of starvation. Instead of facing the global pandemic, factions in conflict are fighting each other, ultimately affecting millions of people who are already reeling from weather disasters and economic shocks.

Oxfam said despite the global coronavirus pandemic, global military spending increased by $ 51 billion during the pandemic, an amount at least six times the amount the United Nations needs to end hunger. The countries that have been placed in the list of “most affected by hunger” in this report are Afghanistan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. There are conflict situations in all of these countries.

Hunger used as a weapon of war
“Hunger is used as a weapon of war by depriving ordinary citizens of food, water and humanitarian relief,” said Maxman. If markets are bombed, crops and livestock destroyed, people cannot stay safe or find food. The organization urged governments to stop the conflicts or else the famine situation would become catastrophic.

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