Oxford Corona Vaccine Latest News: Oxford AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine: Good News for India, Oxford’s Corona Virus Vaccine Safe in Lancet Review

The Corona virus vaccine from the University of Oxygen at the University of Oxford and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which has become a beacon of hope for developing countries including India, has been judged totally sure by independent researchers during the review. An independent review of the results of the final phase of the Oxford corona vaccine trial has been published in the prestigious Lancet medical journal. This research also indicates that during the trial, this vaccine against the corona virus was found to be 70% effective on average in preventing the epidemic. The latest research is also considered very good news for India. Let’s know the whole problem …

Oxford Corona vaccine proves effective

Research published in The Lancet also said that the corona vaccine had 62% effective capacity at two full doses and around 90% effective at the first half dose and then at the full dose during the trial. At a press conference on Tuesday Sarah Gilbert, an Oxford vaccine expert and advisor to the Corona Vaccine Project, said it was a good day for Britain and it was probably the best day for us. in 2020. He said we are not only seeing the introduction of corona vaccination in the UK, but we have given full information about our corona virus vaccine for review. We gave all the information people requested.

“ Oxford vaccine can be manufactured on a large scale at low cost ”

Sarah Gilbert, who led the Oxford vaccine project, said: “We now see that the vaccine is safe and very effective.” We also know that this vaccine can be manufactured on a large scale and at very low cost. He was hopeful that Corona Vaccine would get approval from the regulatory body within the next week. 23,745 people participated in Britain, Brazil and South Africa, according to data from the Oxford trial. Of these, 82 percent were between the ages of 18 and 55. Later, people aged 56 or older participated in this trial. Oxford said data for people over 56 has yet to be assessed, but will be when more data becomes available in the future.

The Oxford vaccine

Lancet magazine said the Oxford corona virus vaccine has been shown to be completely safe. During the trial, only 3 people, out of a total of 23,745 people, experienced serious side effects, possibly related to the vaccine. These three people have recovered now or are on the verge of recovery. These people will continue to participate even more in the trial. Earlier, amid questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness for Oxford, the company’s CEO Pascal Soriot said he might conduct additional trials around the world. He said a lower dose of the corona virus vaccine could be given to test its effective effectiveness. According to the Bloomberg report, the lower dose of Oxford vaccine worked much better than the full dose.

Questions were raised about the vaccine effect data

Previously, AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford admitted that there was an error in the dose of vaccine given to some people during the trial. This raised questions about the data regarding the effect of the vaccine. Now experts are wondering if this data will be kept in further testing or if it will be less so. Scientists said the mistake AstraZeneca made reduced their confidence in the results. On the other hand, Pascal had said: “Now we feel that we have reached a more efficient capacity. We will have to confirm this, so we will need further study. He said it would be another international study, but it could be done more quickly and we would also need less staff.

The Lancet study is good news for India

The latest Lancet research is very good news for India. In fact, the Serum Institute of India has made a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture 100 million doses of the vaccine. The company has applied for emergency use authorization for a vaccine in India based on UK trial data. Drug regulators in India may approve the vaccine by January next year after reviewing the data. The central government plans to give the vaccine to 300 million Indians by July. For this, the maximum dose should come from the serum institute. The priority of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration is also to approve indigenous vaccines. According to sources, the government expects to receive around 40 crore in doses of Covishield in the next five to six months.

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