Oxford coronavirus vaccine: Oxford coronavirus vaccine gives good news, also affects the elderly

The University of Oxford’s Corona virus vaccine elicited an immune response in healthy people aged 56 to 69 and over 70. The Lancet on Thursday released data on a study of 560 healthy people. The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine was found to be safe in this case. He also didn’t have any serious side effects.

Danger for the elderly
Researchers say these results are encouraging because older people are at higher risk of COVID-19. Therefore, there should be a vaccine that works for the elderly. Dr Maheshi Ramasamy, associate with the Oxford Vaccine Group, said he was pleased with the good results of the vaccine in older groups. The UK has already ordered 100 million doses of this vaccine from Oxford.

Results may come soon
The team of researchers is also trying to find out whether this vaccine prevents COVID-19 from developing in people in the third phase of extensive testing. The first results of this important phase are expected in the coming weeks. Dr Ramasamy said: “We are happy to see that our vaccine is not only effective for the elderly, but also elicited similar immune responses in young volunteers.

No contrary result
The vaccine is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca”. Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford vaccine testing team, said the latest results were “very encouraging”. It was also found that in this phase of testing the vaccine did not give any unexpected unwanted results. Regarding the second phase of the vaccine testing, a report released Thursday said 18-55 year olds, 56-79 year olds and volunteers over 70 years old had similar antibodies and T cells to clear the virus. .

Do you know why these two Corona vaccines are good news for India?

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