Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine: UK: Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine May Also Be Approved Within 10 Days After Pfizer – Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine Expected To Be Approved By The End Of This Year In Grande -Brittany

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Oxford corona virus vaccine could be approved in Britain, approval could be received by the end of the year, from next year people will receive the expected final data, until ‘at 28-29
AstraZeneca and Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine is expected to gain approval from the country’s independent regulator by the end of this year, and be introduced in early 2021, according to a UK media report. The Daily Telegraph newspaper cited high-level government sources that the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) may approve it before December 28 or December 29 after the data becomes available. finals Monday.

“Safe and efficient”
After the vaccine was found to be ‘safe and effective’ in human trials, the UK government officially handed over the agency’s approval process last month. The newspaper said in the news: “The approval of the MHRA will also give confidence to countries around the world. India has already manufactured more than 50 million astraZeneca vaccines.

Construction is underway in India
In India, the vaccine is manufactured in association with the Serum Institute of India. Health officials in the UK expect the approval of the Oxford vaccine to be a milestone in which vaccines can be transported and injected more easily than Pfizer / BioNTech. These vaccines should be stored at very cold temperatures.

Effect up to 62–90%
The Oxford / AstraZeneca regulator AZD 1222 took longer to evaluate the vaccine as the difference in efficacy rates seen in different groups ranged from 62 to 90%, according to the news. However, a study published this week said that the most important way is to leave enough gaps between doses to increase effectiveness.

The government-funded National Health Service (NHS) has developed plans for “mass” vaccination sites at football stadiums, racetracks and conference centers. The NHS is emphasizing widespread vaccination in the UK with the Pfizer vaccine.

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