Oxford University beef lamb ban: Oxford University students support ban on serving beef and lamb

Students from prestigious Oxford University around the world have supported the decision to ban the serving of beef and lamb in the canteen. The university’s student organization, at a weekly student council meeting, backed the ban on beef and lamb in the canteen by a two-thirds majority. The students made this decision to meet the challenge of climate change.

Not only that, the Oxford University student organization will now ask the university administration to ban meat served inside shops, libraries and other buildings built inside the campus. . In contrast, in university colleges, all restrictions will have to be decided. The decision of the influential Student Council, which has 22,000 students, will not change the rules of the university but will represent the students in the decision-making process of the university.

With this decision, the University of Oxford collided with its rival Cambridge University, where beef is already banned in the university canteen. The Oxford proposal states that the Student Council should hold meetings with university officials every fortnight to encourage and ban meat consumption.

The students’ proposal states that the student council should focus on beef and lamb or lamb so that it can be removed from colleges and various departments. The students said the reason for the ban was the effect of meat on the climate. The proposal indicates that this prestigious university has shown a lack of leadership in the fight against climate change. If changes are made to the university, it will also affect the colleges.

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