Pablo Casado, ready to “burn” to “save Spain” if Sánchez leaves a country “absolutely broken”

Posted: Sunday July 18 2021 2:06 PM

PP president Pablo Casado warned that the legislature is “deadlocked” and that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will leave “a country absolutely upset”. Likewise, he admitted that he does not understand how, with the Basque Country having the Economic Agreement, taxes are not lowered to stimulate the economy.

In an interview with El Correo, the popular leader also indicates that “tomorrow” he will sit down with the PSOE to unlock the renewal of the judiciary, but his condition continues to be “to strengthen its independence”.

“The person responsible for the blockade is Sánchez. Without a doubt. But the European Commission has already said that we are right and that at least half of the members of the Council must be chosen by the judges. The PP does not block, the PP is delighted to renew it tomorrow, always following what is established by the Constitution and the EU ”, he adds.

After regretting that the justice ministers last for Pedro Sánchez “less than their summits with Biden”, Casado accuses the Prime Minister of wanting to put justice “at his service”.

He claims that after the changes in his cabinet, Sánchez has shown that he is not a good person and calls him a person “without limits or principles”. “On a human level, I was saddened by the way he threw his closest associates out the window with a contempt no one deserves,” he adds.

He also affirms that the government continues to be “the most radical in Europe”, qualifies Cuba as “dictatorship” and Morocco as “monarchy and strategic country for Spain”.

Regarding the pardons to the leaders of the Catalan lawsuit, Casado says that the pardons “are not the payment for the remainder of the term, but were the payment which had not yet been received in exchange for the investiture”. “What is being negotiated is the referendum to end the legislature. Hence the contempt for the putschists,” he said.

Ready to “burn to save Spain”

According to him, Sánchez has broken the bridges with the PP since his own inauguration and affirms that if the president “turned the independence movement against his word and his electoral space, the PP remains at the center”.

“This is why we are winning in the polls. There are no secrets. In Madrid, of the 35 seats the PP won, 26 were for the Cs and 9 for the PSOE. People want solutions. When you defend national unity, educational freedom, quality health, long-term pensions, employment and security in the streets and in front of the squat, is it on the left or on the right? -he.

On the contrary, he criticizes the fact that the Sánchez government is “unstable” and that the legislature is “deadlocked”. “It’s a plane that has an engine failure. Is it going to crash? Hopefully not. I myself will make sure it doesn’t crash because Spain is before my match. the airport, ”he advises.

Likewise, he says that when the PP arrives in Moncloa, he will find “a country absolutely destroyed” and that is why they are working on laws which “in the first hundred days of the government allow Spain to be defibrillated. “We have already done it in 1996 and 2011. It is not a question of regaining power, but of burning ourselves to save Spain if necessary. I’m not saying it in epic terms, but in stark reality, “he warns.

Questioned by the legal processes in which the PP is immersed, Casado considers that they are “absolutely amortized” and defends that in Spain justice works.

The leader of the PP, who says he sees “nothing more progressive than wanting to create jobs, that the money is in the pocket of taxpayers and guarantee educational freedom and pensions”, specifies that “what is terribly on the right is wanting to be more than your next door neighbor. ” “What is really right is to say that because I am from the PNV, I must have more privileges than anyone,” he adds, referring to the jeltzale formation.

In this sense, he considers that in Euskadi the party which “can best represent the desire for progress, freedom and the future for the Basques, a flourishing, European, cosmopolitan society, is the PP”.

Likewise, he says he respects the Concert, but believes that it is necessary “to better calculate the Quota”. “It cannot be that the Concert only serves the advantage and, then, when one wants to break the common pension fund, then one likes the common system. What I do not understand, look, is that with a regime like the Concert, do not lower taxes to stimulate the economy, ”he asserts.

Finally, he affirms that he fully shares the declarations of the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, according to which the Basque prisons, when the transfer will be consumed, will be “luxury resorts”.

“We saw it in Catalonia. Because the prison administration is once again at the service of parliamentary geometry. Speaking of Carlos Iturgaiz, the threats suffered by his son are terrible. He leaves us a lesson. And it is that ETA has stopped killing, but the batasunos keep trying to scare the Democrats. That’s the real problem, not the new statute. As long as the murderers keep being honored as heroes, we won’t cannot say that we live in a healthy society, ”he concludes.

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