Pablo Echenique surprises on Twitter and deletes almost all his tweets overnight

Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 4:55 PM

Surprise on Twitter. Pablo Echenique decided to delete virtually all the messages he had published in his personal account on the social network. This can be verified by entering your own profile, where there are now just over a dozen posts, none before this June, which surprised a lot of users.

At the moment, it’s unclear why it happened so suddenly. Because the secretary of the Podemos program and spokesperson for the parliamentary group of the violet formation has opened his Twitter account since March 2009. That is to say 12 years during which he has maintained a very active profile, especially since he joined Podemos when the party The party began to gain strength and presence on the Spanish political scene.

Precisely, due to his constant presence on the social network, Echenique often starred in tense clashes with leaders of other formations, as well as in controversies provoked by his own hand during tweets of messages that ignited the networks. For example, when he assured that the vice-president at the time, Pablo Iglesias, could “thank that in Spain, the state does not poison him with Polonio” for “democratic normality”.

Also, when he supported the acts of protest in the streets of various Spanish cities after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, which gave rise to altercations and police charges for several consecutive days, showing his support “for young anti-fascists who demand justice and freedom of expression in the streets. ”A few words which received the condemnation of the partner of the government, the PSOE.

Now, however, little or nothing of Echenique’s tweeter is left there on his Twitter account, where most of the posts are limited to sharing tweets or ideas from Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, or announcing the convening of the Fourth Assembly. citizen of Podemos. . While, as noted above, the reasons that led him to delete nearly all of his tweets are unknown, there are many who believe his move has a lot to do with the possible changes that could come in these months. ci in government.

A few days ago, it became known that Pedro Sánchez was planning to make changes to his government to give it new impetus once a resolution was reached on the pardons of the trial. However, as LaSexta has learned, the Chief Executive has yet to take any decision and so far has only consulted on this issue with people close to him in Moncloa and a certain socialist leader. .

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