Pablo Hasél adds one year and four more months in prison for not having paid the fines of the sentence

Publication: Thursday, March 11, 2021 3:57 PM

The National Court added one year and four months in prison to the nine-month sentence that rapper Pablo Hasél is serving in prison for glorifying terrorism, after declaring him insolvent for not having the means to pay the fine closely of 30,000 euros inflicted in the sentence.

In a decree, which can be appealed, the execution service of the High National Court establishes a new regulation of the sentence imposed on Hasel for exalting terrorism and insults to the crown and to the institutions of the State and requires him to serve two years and one month in prison. , in total, for the sentence for which he was interned at the Ponent de Lleida center.

Hasel, who is racking up other convictions and open cases, entered Lleida prison on February 16 to serve a nine-month sentence imposed on him in 2018 by the National Court – and which was ratified by the Supreme Court – for extolling terrorism, praising ETA and Grapo in Twitter messages.

The rapper’s imprisonment sparked a wave of protests, mainly in Catalonia, which for weeks led to riots and clashes with the police.

29 349 euros fine

The rapper still does not pay the fine of 29,340 euros, replaceable by one year and four months in prison, which the national court imposed on him as a sentence.

For this reason, the court agreed on February 17 to seize the defendant’s property, a process that failed because there was a lack of property that could be used to pay the fine, so he was ultimately declared insolvent.

In this way, in the new regulation of his sentence, Hasel will have to serve behind bars one year and four months in prison, unless in the future he has seizable assets or he faces the payment of the debt. liability that it is. claims.

More background

In addition to the sentence that led to his imprisonment, Hasel is given another two and a half year sentence for threatening a witness in a trial against an urban guard in Lleida, which the Lleida court confirmed ago. just a few weeks.

The rapper has accumulated other sentences: the first, of two years in prison for having extolled the terrorism of ETA, Grapo, Terra Lliure or Al-Qaeda in his songs and which dates from 2014, was suspended by order of the national court.

He adds two more sentences, firm and pronounced in 2018, for looting of the premises and resistance and disobedience to authority, and another appeal pending for attacking a TV3 camera that covered a confinement of students at the University of Lleida. .

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