Pablo Iglesias asks Naturgy to restore electricity supply to La Cañada Real

Publication: Sunday January 10, 2021 20:45

The second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, demanded that the company Naturgy restore the electricity supply in the Cañada Real before the “abandonment” of the Community of Madrid, which “continues without asking for generators from the Ministry of Defense (UME) to to be able to illuminate the area “.

Sources from the second vice-presidency of the government indicated that the situation is very worrying, as the emergency arises from social to health, with a risk to the integrity of people, many of whom are children and the elderly.

In the same vein, they add that they will continue to “press” so that the emergency in Cañada Real can be resolved and they trust the measures which are also being carried out in parallel by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. , who is responsible for the electricity supply.

The same sources denounced the “absolute lack of humanity and decency” that, in their opinion, the Community of Madrid shows by allowing thousands of people to continue without electricity in the middle of a historic snowfall in Madrid.

In addition, the vice-presidency ensures that Naturgy recognized that it could cut off the supply without administrative authorization in the event of an overload. For this reason, he urges them to turn off the light only in these places. Likewise, they add, the second vice-presidency, through the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, is in permanent contact with the delegation of the government of Madrid, the municipal council of Rivas and Naturgy. herself for several days.

For its part, the town hall of Rivas, in addition to making relocation resources available to several families, worked with the government delegation to provide the electricity company with a police device allowing its workers to move around the neighborhood and put this operation underway. The sources assure that Naturgy was again obliged, by decree of the mayor’s office, to act because it has the competence to do so and it is an urgent and humanitarian situation, without having obtained a response from the company to restore supply.

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