Pablo Iglesias does not applaud King Felipe VI or Batet’s speeches on 23rd anniversary

At no point did the cameras capture that the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 Pablo Iglesias applauded King Felipe VI’s speech on the 40th anniversary of the coup from 23F. Neither did the footage fail to see Iglesias applauding the words of Congress President Socialist Meritxell Batet.

In his speech, King Felipe VI spoke of the achievements of those years of democracy and praised the decisive role of his father, King Juan Carlos, in stopping the 23F coup. For his part, Batet warned against the fragility of democracy, cried out against “populism” and “polarization” which cause “fractures” in society, and called for the unity of all institutions before the “threats” of “rupture” of the constitutional system.

Iglesias attended the event “because we are extremely institutional”, but he did so with a badge of the Democratic Military Union, whose members “paid with humiliation and arrests” for their fight against Franco during of the last year of Franco’s life. Thus, he opposed them to the high command of the army which carried out this attempted coup and to those who “would only need an agreement from the king to give it”.

In addition, Iglesias once again raised his approach that if during the Transition it was exposed that the monarchy was a “condition for the possibility of democracy”, because the military would only accept a regime with the figure of Juan Carlos de Borbón, elected by the Franco himself as his successor, “40 years later, it is very difficult” to maintain him.

Likewise, Iglesias is also absent at the meal in Congress with the monarch. A meal to which he was invited and attended by the king himself, the president of the government, the president of the Senate, the presidents of the Constitutional Court and the CGPJ, the vice-president of relations with the courts, the living speakers of the Constitution and opposition leader Pablo Casado.

Tensions within the coalition government

Even today, before the start of acts in Congress on the anniversary of the coup, the vice-president spoke about the latest tensions with his government partner.

Pablo Iglesias warned his partner that “it is a mistake to point out the government by saying that an agreement can be violated”. And it is that among the commitments signed by Pedro Sánchez and the vice-president is that of regulating the rental price to allow better access to housing.

“The government does not exist because we get along very well or very badly, which I have already said that we get along very well, but because there is an agreement with commitments, such as rent regulation. ”

Thus, Pablo Iglesias recalled that “the government tenses up when agreements are violated”, which we have seen in recent weeks. The last obstacle came at the hand of the housing field, but they also played in clashes due to the law that regulates the rights of trans people, minimum living income or “democratic normality” in Spain.

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