Pablo Iglesias gives Cristina Pedroche an example to defend tax increases for the rich

Publication: Wednesday April 21, 2021 11:56 PM

Pablo Iglesias and Ángel Gabilondo discuss the tax increase. If the United We Can candidate maintains his position in favor of raising taxes on the richest, the Socialist says that is not the solution at the moment. Iglesias highlights the reduction in taxes on the self-employed in vulnerable situations and defends the recovery of wealth tax and inheritance tax, for those with assets of more than one million euros, outside residence usual, and for estates of one million euros, respectively.

Something that the Socialist candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid does not share. Although Gabilondo says he agrees with Iglesias’ remarks in the comprehensive approach, he puts forward Minister Calviño’s idea that “until Spain recovers economically and in employment, it it is not necessary to touch taxes “.

A debate on taxes between the PSOE and United We Can, in which the former vice-president of the government recalled the viral remarks of Cristina Pedroche in which he defended that those who had more should pay more to improve the public. “I don’t know who Cristina Pedroche is voting for, but she said something very sane,” says Iglesias, who points out how the presenter said she had a good salary and was not afraid to pay more. ‘taxes to be healthy. and education. “” I’m from Vallecas, what do you expect me to vote for? “, wondered Cristina Pedroche, who declared that she wanted the money she earned to be” for there to be real public things, not for them to steal from us “:” I don’t want to PP. I don’t like them stealing from us and we keep voting for them. “But, faced with these comments, Ángel Gabilondo maintains his position on increasing taxes:” At the moment, no. “

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