Pablo Iglesias leaves the government to be United We Can candidate in the Community of Madrid elections


Updated: Monday, March 15, 2021 2:04 PM

Published on: 03/15.2021 12:12

Earthquake by day. The beating of the Murcia butterfly took on a new political movement, and an unexpected movement like few others. The second vice-president of the government and secretary general of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, announced on Monday that he would leave the coalition government to contest the presidency of the Community of Madrid in the upcoming elections on May 4.

As confirmed by laSexta, Iglesias is looking to lead a single candidacy from the left, led by Íñigo Errejón and his Más Madrid, on condition that his own activism ratifies the decision.

Because, for United We Can, in the Madrid elections, there is much more at stake than the regional presidency: “In politics, you have to have the courage to fight the battles that you have to fight,” underlines Iglesias. And he sets a new clear objective: in his eyes, Spain is in “transition”. One in which “bipartisanship will not return, but democracy is threatened by a new Trumpist right.”

The socialist wing of government did not know

This movement has accelerated in recent hours. So much so that, as this channel was able to confirm, no hard-core socialist minister of President Pedro Sánchez knew the information. This change took the socialist bloc of the Spanish government in the middle of a bilateral meeting with France, and changed on foot.

The truth is that in Moncloa, they still do not answer the two key questions, and that gives one of the clues to the dimension of the decision: for now, there is silence that Sánchez knew this. that was going to happen.

If, indeed, United We membership can support the Secretary General’s decision, the Spanish government would have new faces. The proposal, in the absence of Sanchez’s approval, is that Yolanda Díaz assume the second vice-presidency – now her portfolio of work -, Ione Belarra – until now Secretary of State – be the new Minister of Rights Social and Agenda 2030 and Irene Montero, Alberto Garzón and Manuel Castells retain their current competences, without any change.

In addition, Yolanda Díaz would politically lead the national leadership of the party. It’s more: Iglesias nominates her as United We Can’s next candidate in the next general election “if she decides and wants”, although her entourage commented that she was not expecting this request and that, if she accepted it, she would do so out of loyalty to Iglesias himself.

A change of strategy for “the unity of the left”

The secrecy surrounding this change has been total. So much so that many party members have discovered it in recent hours. “I have meditated a lot these days with Isa Serra, with Jesús Santos and many other United We Can colleagues,” Iglesias admitted in the same video.

However, the goal is clear: a common list of the left bloc to take over the Royal Post, seat of government in Madrid. In the video, he says he wants to “drive on the left”.

“For this reason, I will propose to the companions of Más Madrid that, although we continue to be different spaces, we make a single candidacy for May 4. I am aware that it will not be easy, that there is a lot of scars. “The truth is that Más Madrid and Íñigo Errejón’s team have taken the lead, after stressing that this call and this proposal have not yet come true. The fight for the title of the proposal will be the next step.

Reactions to the abandonment of churches

How could it be otherwise, this change in elevation left no one indifferent. Reactions swirled around the political spectrum in a matter of minutes.

From the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, who reaffirmed his support for Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to other members of the confederal group, such as Alberto Garzón.

However, the news, far from being a pitcher of cold water on the right, was seen as the last opportunity to revolutionize the upcoming elections. It is the absolute trigger, in his eyes, to mobilize the entire center-right, as well as all these voters disappointed by Iglesias.

The slogan of the last days, “Socialism or freedom”, has already evolved. And the main political actors of the PP have made it their own: now what is happening is “communism or freedom”.

It was an opportunity that Isabel Díaz Ayuso herself, the target of this whole strategy, was not going to miss. And, quickly, he winked at his: “Spain owes me one: we have expelled Pablo Iglesias from Moncloa.”

“He is a person linked to the separatists, to the ETA environment, he has always acted against the Community of Madrid … He has encouraged and firmly believes in the expropriation, the squat, the intervention of the company or the excessive attacks on Zendal, promoting strike action and burning down the streets of Madrid as we have seen in recent weeks, “Ayuso smiles. Who knows how many times Murcia is remembered in the last seven days. But, well sure, this week will not be forgotten.

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