Pablo Iglesias warns Gabilondo that they will have to understand each other to govern and warns that the division is demobilizing

Podemos’ candidate for the Madrid elections, Pablo Iglesias, on Monday reminded PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, that the two parties will have to “agree after” the night of the elections to govern in the region.

In an interview with Telecinco, Iglesias insisted that he will “not have a bad word with any of the progressive candidates” who are presented in the regional elections on May 4, referring to the PSOE and Más Madrid. In this sense, he assured to respect Gabilondo’s strategy, although he stressed that left-wing voters “demobilize” if they see discussions and fights in the progressive bloc.

Regarding the candidate of the PSOE, he declared that “he is heading towards the center” to “attract” the votes “of the citizens and of the PP”. “I respect their strategy. They will not hear any bad words from me with a progressive candidacy that I think we will have to accept later,” he insisted.

Thus, he underlined that if the progressive block adds “they will have to agree” because, in his opinion, “the people of Madrid deserve a decent government which respects the Constitution and its statutes”. “On the right it interests him that we are with taunts and reproaches. I will not go into it”, defended himself.

In Al Rojo Vivo, the PSOE candidate indicated that if he did not obtain a majority in these elections, he would be open to agreeing with Ciudadanos or Más Madrid to form a government, but not with the United We candidate. Can, Pablo Iglesias. , for its “climate of confrontation”.

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