Pablo Iglesias will leave the vice-presidency next Tuesday, after his last Council of Ministers

Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 7:46 PM

Posted on: 23.03.2021 19:44

Pablo Iglesias will have to leave his post of second vice-president of the government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 before Wednesday March 31. Iglesias intended to leave his post in the national executive 15 days before the regional elections in Madrid, when the electoral campaign begins; however, Madrid’s electoral law does not allow this.

The Community of Madrid indicates in its legislation that the president of the government and his secretaries of state or ministers are “ineligible” for the elections of the region, so that the current vice-president will have to leave his functions as soon as his candidacy is effective. .

Podemos will present the electoral list to the provincial electoral commission between Wednesday and Friday next week, so that the vice president will participate in his last cabinet meeting on Tuesday March 30, during which there will be an exchange of portfolios.

Candidacy for the May 4 elections

With a video from Twitter and just days after Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced his intention to call elections in the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias explained that he would let the government stand for election.

An unexpected movement like few others and which even surprised his socialist colleagues in the government. As President Pedro Sánchez reported, Iglesias himself explained his intentions a few minutes before going public.

However, in this recording, the vice president, so far, also expressed his intention to remain in government until mid-April with the aim of bringing about on-going social measures such as the law on the housing. A wish that he will have to renounce, according to what is written in Madrid’s electoral law.

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