“Pablo, we have 12 days to win the elections”

Publication: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 10:43 PM

In a whole declaration of intentions, the socialist Ángel Gabilondo ventured to ask for the support of United We Can and More Madrid to “stop the passage of the Colón government”, which would be a coalition between Isabel Díaz Ayuso (candidate and leader of the PP so far in the polls) and Rocío Monasterio (candidate for Vox).

“Pablo, we have 12 days to win the election.” “Monica Garcia, we add up and I think we can rule.” With these explicit calls during the first debate of this electoral campaign of the 4M, the leader of the PSOE of Madrid declared that he “is confident in being able to count on their support”.

But this position is not the one defended by the socialist in recent weeks, and although he did not rule out demarches with Más Madrid and Ciudadanos, he had argued that he did not want to agree with Podemos . “Not with this Iglesias”, he came to assure in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo, in which he argued his decision based on the fact that Iglesias creates a “climate of confrontation and extremism”. PSOE sources at LaSexta indicate that this change comes after Ciudadanos decided to “publicly exclude himself”.

From Más Madrid, they warned him that “there is no oven for vetoes” when it comes to pacts, but the socialist’s message seemed irrevocable: “I would be worried if someone with an extremist approach and radical was part of the government. I hope and wish that it evolves in another direction. But when things go like this, honestly I don’t want that, “Gabilondo came to assure him, when he was brought up with the possibility of a government with him as president of the region and with Iglesias as vice-president.

His position has changed in recent hours and if something is clear for Gabilondo now, it is that “he cannot govern” neither with the PP nor with Vox: “It is only in one day that they have attacked with very basic values ​​and feelings, “said the socialist, referring to the poster Rocío Monasterio used to launch xenophobic messages against unaccompanied minors and to the controversial statements of Isabel Díaz Ayuso on the lines of expectation of hunger, which she described as “maintained subsidized”.

The candidate considers both “feeling very lonely” and, according to him, this could lead to wanting to form a government together. “If the two are alone, that is why they want to meet in a close government,” he said.

And as Ciudadanos has said that “he will become Ayuso president again if the circumstances arise”, Gabilondo is not asking for Edmundo Bal’s support either. “I don’t want that, but I am speaking to the voters of Ciudadanos who want a progressive and clean government,” he said.

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