Paint 3D and Visor 3D say goodbye to Windows 10 with Sun Valley

Windows 10 Creators Update introduced a slew of new features designed for creators, including Paint 3D, Print 3D, and 3D Viewer. Granted, it was a time when 3D printing seemed like it could reach every home. However, quickly faded and these apps ended up being the least used.

So, we have seen how, over the past few months, many new features that come with Windows 10 Creators Update have dropped one by one. The first step was the “death” of Remix 3D and a few weeks ago the 3D Objects folder disappeared from the user profile.

Paint 3D and 3D Viewer, which could and was not

The nostalgic will remember this event in which a sandcastle was captured with a Windows 10 Mobile phone. It was certainly a harbinger of what was to come. The 3D scanning app hasn’t even arrived on smartphones, and the Paint 3D and Visor 3D apps have been widely criticized in Windows 10.

In fact, among Microsoft’s plans, Paint 3D has happened to replace the mythical Paint, which has attracted a lot of criticism from users due to the complexity and lack of optimization of the application. Finally, this will not be the case and both applications will eventually abandon the new installations of the operating system.

This move was announced in the build 21332 release notes, so it will likely apply to Windows 10 Sun Valley. However, it will only be applied on clean installations of the operating system, and both apps will remain available in the Microsoft Store.

Those who upgrade their version of Windows 10 to Sun Valley will keep both apps installed. However, we remind you that it is possible to uninstall them and, in this way, to reduce the space occupied by the installed operating system.

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