Paint and Notepad will also be redesigned in Windows 11

Despite the controversy surrounding Windows 11’s presentation of minimum requirements and Microsoft’s poor communication, one thing is clear: the Windows team has worked like never before on the design of the operating system and preinstalled applications.

The Windows 11 redesign is much deeper than you might initially think. It not only applies to parts of the shell like Control Center, Notification Center, or Start Menu, but it also reaches the vast majority of pre-installed apps.

Paint and Notepad are suitable for Windows 11

We’ve already seen the new designs for the Photos, File Explorer, Microsoft Store, and Settings apps. What we didn’t expect is that Microsoft would also dare to “update” the design of legacy apps like Paint and Notepad.

While it is true that those in Redmond were already showing a commitment to these apps by updating their icons, few of us expected what we saw.

It was during the developer event that took place on the 24th in which these images were shown where we can see redesigned Paint, Notepad and PowerPoint apps for Windows 11.

Our sources specify that we are not confronted with mockups and that, if they are mockups, they are identical to future redesigns (or, at least, to the state of redesigns in current internal builds). Great news in terms of design consistency across the operating system, something we’ve criticized Windows 10 so much.

And for you, what do you think? What other parts of the operating system would you like to see redesigned in Windows 11?

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