Paint is back and we can install it from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has actively and passively tried to develop Windows in recent years. First they tried with Windows 8 and later with Windows 10. However, their attempts were unsuccessful and now classics of the past such as Notepad and Microsoft Paint are reappearing.

Paint will be available in the Microsoft Store

It seems that Microsoft is strengthening its App Store with new formats. Beyond UWP apps, we now also have access to classic win32 apps like Notepad and Microsoft Paint. This might give us a clue on how to implement optional system functionality through the store.

The Redmond giant had tried in spring 2017, with the Creators Update, that Paint 3D replaced this old application. The goal is for the world of 3D to begin to progress in the following years. Not only Paint 3D was also mixed reality arrived in this update.

When Paint 3D appeared, it was announced that Paint was discontinued, although in a few days it was announced that it would continue, but through the Store. The funny thing is that this movement has lasted until now. It looks like Microsoft will finally allow us to update classic Windows apps through the store. This allows them to be decoupled from the operating system and updated independently.

This could be the year we see a resurgence of the Microsoft Store. We have heard for a few months that Microsoft wants to improve all its Windows 10 applications and one of the applications that claims the most love is the store. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a major overhaul based on WinUI 3 with new animations.

At Microsoft, they are aware of the bugs they have encountered with Windows 10 and it is time to resurface and fix them. Paint may be the start of a big change for Windows.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Code required

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