Painting of Peru spider god: Peru spider god 4200 years old Wall painting: Peru spider god 4200 years old Painting

Last year, in the Peruvian region of La Libertad, local farmers found the remains of an ancient religious site with a large mural (painting on the wall). Researchers have now discovered that this painting is 3,200 years old and that the spider-god is holding a knife in it. According to the Guardian report, 60% of the premises were inadvertently damaged by farmers’ equipment. The site has now been cleared for security.

Regulo Franco Jordan, archaeological director of the Agusto en Vise Foundation, said it must have been built in the Qupisnik civilization and that the proximity to the river would have worshiped the water gods. He told Peruvian newspaper La Repubblica that ceremonies would have taken place here thousands of years ago. The spider made here is related to water and it was an important organism in ancient civilization.

There may be special rains here when it rained between January and March. According to the Museo Larco de Lima museum, the first temples in the area were built in this civilization and the utensils were made in the form of animals, fruits, human heads and houses. Spiders are seen on some, which are associated with rain, farming, and sacrifice. The archaeological researcher of this complex, Ferenc Cassilo, said it had walls with cones.

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