Pakistan Airlines United Nations: United Nations calls on staff not to use Pakistan Airlines: UN calls on staff not to use Pakistan Airlines

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Directive to United Nations staff, do not travel on Pakistani airline issued for CAA investigation into fake pilot license Are fake Islamabad
The UN has asked all its staff not to travel by airline registered in Pakistan. The United Nations has issued the warning over fears of bogus pilot licenses and allegations. Pakistan’s aviation service has been the subject of controversy since the Karachi plane crash last year. The country’s ministers themselves have claimed that a large number of pilots in the country have bogus licenses. Not only that, but it has been recognized in Parliament that airline personnel have been caught for crimes like smuggling.

Instructions for all United Nations bodies
The United Nations Safety Management System issued a notice saying, “Due to the ongoing investigation into the false licenses of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pakistan, the use of registered air operators in Pakistan is caution”. This advisory is addressed to all carriers in Pakistan. At the same time, it will be applicable to all United Nations agencies – United Nations Development Program, World Health Organization, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Food and Agriculture Organization, Organization United Nations for education, science and culture, etc.

Indian Taught Poor People A Lesson In Pakistan They Seized The Plane For Not Paying The Money
40% of pilots are wrong
In May last year, several cases of counterfeiting and neglect in Pakistani air services were exposed after a plane crash in a residential area near Karachi airport. Even the country’s aviation minister, Sarwar Khan, claimed some time ago that around 40% of PIA pilots were bogus. Not only that, Imran Khan’s party spokesperson said that it was also known that PIA staff had been caught in many smuggling cases earlier.

Pakistan Aviation Minister told parliament 40% of country’s pilots have fake licenses
Authorization to fly an airplane has been granted again
After the Karachi crash, Sarwar Khan said a survey last year found that of Pakistan’s 860 active pilots, 262 pilots had bogus licenses or cheated on their exams. He said these pilots have never taken an exam and also don’t have the right experience to fly the plane. Pakistan’s negligence was exposed when 110 of the 141 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots who had been suspended were allowed to fly the plane again.

In Pakistan, 110 ‘fake pilots’ to fly planes again, Imran government reinstated

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