Pakistan arrests Indian fishermen: Pakistan arrests 17 Indian fishermen for getting lost in territorial waters: Pakistan arrests 17 Indian fishermen

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Pakistan arrests 17 Indian fishermen for crossing the water border India: Pakistan has no clear demarcation of the maritime border crossing the water border
Pakistan arrested 17 Indian fishermen for their alleged entry into the country’s waters and seized three of their boats. A spokesman for the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) said the fishermen arrested on Friday were presented to the judicial magistrate on Saturday and handed over to the police.

Pakistan accused of ignoring warning
The Pakistani official said the Indian fishermen had been warned they were in Pakistani waters and should go, but they did not heed the warning. The spokesperson said high-speed boats were used to arrest 17 fishermen who were within 10-15 nautical miles of Pakistani waters near Sir Creek, the coastal border between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan arrested Indian fisherman after one year
Indian fishermen are sent to Malir or Landhi prison in Karachi. The arrest comes after a one-year hiatus when 23 Indian fishermen were arrested and four of their fishing boats were seized by the Maritime Safety Agency.

How do fishermen cross Indian waters?
Pakistan and India often arrest each other’s fishermen because there is no clear demarcation of the maritime border in the Arabian Sea and the fishermen do not have boats equipped with the technology. to know their exact location. Due to the slowness of bureaucracy and lengthy legal proceedings, fishermen generally remain in prison for several months and sometimes even years.

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