Pakistan, Bangladeshi Minister sound official apology for 1971 massacre – Bangladesh demands official apology from Pakistan for genocide in 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War

Pakistan has not yet apologized for the 1971 massacre in Bangladesh. After 50 years, the Minister of State for External Affairs in the government of Bangladesh, Shahariyar Alam, once again called for a formal apology from Pakistan. He raised this demand during a meeting with the newly appointed Pakistani Ambassador to Bangladesh Imran Ahmed Siddiqui. It is said that during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, around 3 million innocent Bangladeshis were killed by the Pakistani army.

Bangladeshi minister calls on Pakistan for official apology
Bangladeshi Minister Shahriar Alam called on Pakistani Ambassador Imran Ahmad Siddiqui to complete the withdrawal of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh and resolve the property-sharing issue, in addition to issuing an official apology for the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 from Pakistan. He urged to give access to more Bangladeshi products in Pakistan to remove trade barriers. At present, the trade balance between the two countries is more advantageous for Pakistan.

Pak army slaughtered on instruction from Yahya Khan
In her address to the United Nations in 2017, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, presented to the world the bitter truth of the massacre of the army by General Yahya Khan. He targeted Pakistan, claiming that Yahya Khan’s army launched a heinous military operation in 1971, killing three million innocent people in the Liberation War massacre. The Pakistani army launched a sudden attack on Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, at midnight on March 25, 1971, after which war broke out and the war ended on December 16. Officially, the 9-month war killed 3 million people. Hasina said that in the liberation struggle of 1971 we saw the extreme form of genocide.

“ 20 thousand Bangladeshi women exploited ”
During the 9-month liberation war against Pakistan, 30 innocent lakh were killed and more than 20,000 women were exploited by Yahya Khan’s army. “The Pakistani military launched the heinous Operation Spotlight on March 25, which marked the start of the 1971 massacre,” he said. The intellectuals were brutally murdered. In fact, the Pakistani army has started killing intellectuals in Bangladesh to crush the rebellion led by Bangabandhu. By virtue of this, writers, teachers, doctors, scientists were taken from their homes at night and brutally murdered. Two million mothers and sisters have lost their sons and brothers.

Rangeela Yahya Khan loved alcohol and women
Yahya Khan was responsible for alcohol and women, responsible for the murder of 3 million people in Bangladesh. According to the BBC, Yahya Khan was called “Ladies Man”. Yahya Khan had a friendship with many women. The closest friend of the Pakistani dictator was Aklim Akhtar, popularly known as “General Rani”. Malka-e-Tarannum called Nur Jahan as Yahya Khan “Noori”. Nur Jahan also called Yahya “Sarkar”. Yahya Khan was a colorful dictator who was very fond of alcohol. Yahya Khan used to start drinking alcohol from 8 p.m. and was completely out of control by 10 a.m. This is the reason why his orders given after 10 p.m. were not followed.

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