pakistan bizarre case: strange case in pakistani court: woman is sad over broken new shoes, shauhar case on trader – man sues trader after his wife’s shoes broke in two in pakistan

In Pakistan, a question is under discussion these days. Here, a person dragged the owner of the shoe store to court. This person is alleged that the trader gave his wife the wrong shoes, which made the wife very sad. Therefore, he filed a complaint against the trader in court, and the court also decided to hear the case.

According to Pakistani media, the complainant’s wife bought 1,600 Pakistani rupees at this store, but two days later the shoes broke in two. The complaint states that when this was told to the trader, he refused to take responsibility for it. For this reason, the man’s wife is very sad.

The case is brought before the consumer court
The case reached the consumer court. The court hearing the case decided to find out the truth from the evidence and witnesses. At the same time, this strange case has become the subject of much discussion on social media. While people have praised her husband for his support, some say court time is wasted by such cases as victims of serious crime have to wander for justice.

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