pakistan blackout twitter: pakistan twitter theories after total blackout: power has passed on twitter in pakistan

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Pakistan’s Saturday night unfolded unexpectedly in a dark city, from panicked people, from terrorists to attacks on power plants, according to Shwtwitter, Air Force alert on Indo-Iraq
Due to a technical defect, electricity was cut across Pakistan on Saturday evening. The country, plunged into darkness, was surprised at how this turned out. Instant #blackout trending on Twitter. Along with this, there was also speculation as to why the electricity was gone and what the result would be. In this episode, people made a lot of guesswork on social media. However, it was later reported that the frequency of the power transmission system suddenly dropped due to it.

People gave the theory away on Twitter
On the other hand, some people on Twitter have claimed that there could be a sudden military attack after the lightning strike. Even people started to call on each other to be ready. One user even claimed that the Pakistani Air Force had been put on red alert. At the same time, another user wrote that not only India, Pakistan and Iraq are also on high alert.

It was also claimed that an attack on a power plant caused electricity. However, no such claim has been officially confirmed.

Blackout in Pakistan: Big cities submerged by lightning in Pakistan from Lightning Gul, Islamabad, Lahore to Karachi

The electricity of the whole country has passed before
This is not the first time that all of Pakistan has been plunged into darkness. Previously, this had happened in January 2015 as well. Pakistan was without power for several hours due to technical flaws. At the same time, according to reports, electricity was restored in some towns around 2 p.m. Saturday evening. Shahbaz Gill, assistant to the Pakistani prime minister, said Energy Minister Omar Ayub and his entire team were working on the blackout.

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