pakistan bride ask haq mehr for books: na maangoon gold-silver books to haq mehr

Often times, women ask their husbands for gold, silver or silver to the tune of meher, but a young Pakistani writer put a condition in front of her husband that shocked everyone. According to Islamic law, only the bride has the right to her right and it is the legal responsibility of the husband to give it to the wife. Under this rule, the young Pakistani writer surprised everyone by asking her husband for a book of Rs a lakh.

Nayla Shamal Khabar, a young Pakistani writer originally from Pakistan, is from Mardan in the province of Pakhtunkhwaan and is married to a writer. They asked for books, not asking for gold, silver or gifts. She made a video message in the middle of her books wearing a red wedding dress and explains why she is asking for books. Nayala said bad practices should be done away with.
The writer asked for books because of it
Nayla said: “Inflation is very high in our country and secondly, this kind of wrongdoing should stop. Every woman asks for gold and silver, but as a writer I have asked for books because if I don’t like books how can I tell others to rate books. This unique mehr from Nayala is very popular on social media.

A lot of people praise Niall by tweeting. One user @ bzainab27 wrote: “This couple are very lucky for each other. The two people would really like the books together. May Allah give them more strength. ‘Aamir Sardar wrote: “This is something that we don’t see in our culture. It’s a brilliant thought.

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