Pakistan calls on United Nations Human Rights Council against India over the death of 11 Pakistani Hindu refugees in Jodhpur: Pakistan will appeal against India to the United Nations Human Rights Council United for the death of 11 refugees in Jodhpur

Pakistan is now preparing to raise the case of the deaths of 11 Pakistani Hindu refugees in Jodhpur last year to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The bodies of these refugees were found on a farm in Jodhpur in August last year. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, head of the Pakistan Hindu Council and member of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, claimed India had blocked Pakistan from accessing the crash site. He has now announced that he will address the issue at the next meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Pakistan remembers refugees after one year
Ramesh Kumar Vankwani alleged that India did not allow him to attend the crime scene despite repeated requests from our high commission. He claimed that under international law we have the right to obtain information about this incident because all deceased citizens held Pakistani passports. However, Vankwani did not explain why hundreds of Hindu refugees arrive in India every year to take refuge in India when minorities in their country are so concerned.

Pakistan to address issue at HRC
This leader of Imran Khan’s party said that we are under enormous pressure from the families of the dead. That is why our government has turned to the United Nations Human Rights Council. We will address this issue during the HRC session to be held from June 21 to July 9. The Pakistani lawmaker also said that the families of the refugees who died in Jodhpur in his country have also lodged a complaint for a fair investigation into the case.

The police denied the role of alien
Please say that the Jodhpur Police have denied the role of a third party in the investigation of this matter. At that time, the (rural) police commissioner, Rahul Barhat, who was stationed in Jodhpur, said that all of these people had consumed poison, which led to his death. These people were from the Bhil community in Pakistan who rented a farm after arriving in India in 2012.

These people are dead
Pakistani media published a report regarding the names and ages of those who died. Whose names are Buddha Ram (80), Raivi (35), Shamoon (25), Antar (75), Shrimati Lakshmi (39), Shrimati Devi (28), Mukesh (16) Zain (12), Dayal (12) , Danish (10) and Dia (5).

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