Pakistan China News: Chinese funding delay leaves Pakistan railways in limbo, returns to Imran Khan – Friend China ‘cheated’ Pakistan, poor Imran Khan rail fired

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Pakistan Iron Brother China has now given the Imran Khan government a big shock. China does not give money to Pakistan Railways, which seems to shatter Emraan’s dream. The Pakistan Railway has lost around 1.2 trillion rupees over the past 50 years.
Pakistan’s Iron Brother China has dealt a heavy blow to the Imran Khan government. China does not give money to Pakistani railways which forcibly take over India’s bogies, which seems to shatter Emraan Khan’s dream. Pakistan Railways has suffered a loss of 1.2 trillion rupees over the past 50 years. After coming to power, the Imran Khan government spread the bag in China to revive it. Now China is also turning away from Pakistan due to the declining situation.

According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Imran Khan hoped the Chinese investment of $ 6.8 billion would improve Main Line 1 between Peshawar and Karachi, which would revive the railways. The dragon betrayed Imran Khan, who relies on China, and does not pay for it. For this reason, this project of Imran Khan is on hold and the works are delayed.
Pak minister raging, claiming to sell more than 24 million Eid train tickets
Losses of around Rs 35-40 billion each year
The new Pakistani Minister of Railways, Azam Khan Swati, revealed that of the total loss of 1.2 trillion rupees to Pakistani railways, 90 percent losses have been suffered in the past two decades. There is a loss of around Rs 35-40 billion every year. With the shock of China, the Imran Khan government is unable to figure out how to get the railroad to its feet. Improvements on the Karachi-Peshawar main line were due to start in January this year, but have not yet started.

The condition of the Bengali is that the Pakistani Railways are unable to pay the salaries of their employees and are forced to privatize. Not only that, this “new Pakistan” of Imran Khan is now busy running his train from Indian coaches. Pakistan has been using 21 Samjhauta Express bogies for a year and a half and does not return these bogies even after several requests. In fact, the agreement between India and Pakistan was the last express agreement left in Pakistan on August 7, 2019. Samjhauta Express was discontinued on August 8, 2019, after the abolition of the special state of Jammu-et -Cashmere.

21 bogies do not return to Pakistan even after a year and a half
For this reason, 11 Samjhauta Express coaches are stranded in Pakistan and an Indian freight train also remains in Pakistan. There are 10 coaches in this freight train. This freight train was sent to Pakistan with the goods. Even after a year and a half, Pakistan does not return these 21 bogies. Reminders have been sent to Pakistan about this on several occasions from India, but the lice are not crawling on their ears. There are 28,000 vacant positions in Pakistani railways, but recruitment is not taking place. Passengers declined during the Corona disaster and the railways do not have enough money to pay salaries and pensions.

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