pakistan china sinopharm coronavirus vaccine: pakistani minister threatens, chinese vaccine Kovid-19 will not be provided if job is not done – pakistani minister threatens if you do not get chinese sinopharm coronavirus vaccine then you will lose the job

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A Pakistani minister threatened health workers with the corona vaccine. The Sindh provincial minister warned to take the risk of losing your job, saying that if you don’t get the vaccine you can lose your job in Islamabad.
A Pakistani minister has warned health workers to risk getting the crown vaccine or losing their jobs in the wake of the third wave of the Kovid outbreak. “If you don’t get the vaccine, you can lose (your) job,” Sindh province health minister Azra Pechuho said in a video message on Thursday.

The DPA news agency quoted the minister as saying that of 1,42315 health care workers registered in the state, at least 33,356 employees have not been vaccinated. Pakistan uses the Kovid “Cyanoform Vaccine” vaccine made in China. A survey earlier this year found that nearly half of the public is skeptical of these vaccines and hesitant to get vaccinated.

Pakistan Medical Association secretary-general Kaiser Sajjad said on Friday that healthcare workers were reluctant to be vaccinated because the government decided not to vaccinate people over 60 in the early days, which raised doubts. However, he said the government is now declaring the vaccine safe and asking all citizens and healthcare workers to get the vaccine.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Corona positive last week
Pakistan’s Sindh province has the highest number of Kovid cases. More than 2.64,000 cases have been reported here, which is the highest in the country. As of Friday, 4,368 new infections and 63 deaths were reported by the health ministry. A total of 6,45,356 cases and 14,091 deaths have been reported in Pakistan to date. The reason for Corono’s negligence is that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tested positive for Corona last week and now, on Thursday, he also held a meeting in violation of the rules.

Imran came under criticism when Union Minister Shibli Faraj posted a photo of the meeting on social media. In the photo, seven people were seen sitting in a room with Imran. Although they all wore masks and were seated quite a distance away, social media users questioned this attitude. Imran and his wife Bushra were in self-isolation after testing positive for BB Corona. However, the recent image has called into question its seriousness in the face of the outbreak.

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