pakistan chinese nuclear power plant: china built the most powerful nuclear power plant in pakistan, has a capacity of 1,100 megawatts – pakistan connects the first k 2 nuclear power plant of chinese design to the power grid

China built the first nuclear power plant in Pakistan, and production from a nuclear power plant has also started. Pakistan’s K-2 nuclear power plant was connected to the grid on Thursday. This nuclear power plant is the first newly designed power plant to be built outside of China. Its name is the Hualong Forest nuclear reactor. It is believed to be an imitation of nuclear reactors in Western countries.

Pakistani Electricity Minister Omar Ayub Khan tweeted Thursday that Karachi’s 1,100 MW nuclear power plant is connected to the power grid. It is the most powerful nuclear power plant in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has declared that this plant is a great gift for the people of the country just before Pakistan Day on March 23. Four more nuclear power plants of this type are to be built in Karachi.

Pakistan almost doubled its nuclear power
Apart from that, another plant also needs to be made into glasses. When these projects are completed, Pakistan’s energy problem will end. Chinese newspaper Global Times described the plant as a landmark for overseas markets. Pakistan currently has 6 nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 1400 MW. This means that when this plant produces at its full capacity, the nuclear power in Pakistan will almost double.

China claims this third-generation nuclear reactor is the safest in the world. Beijing sees this as a major role in making the whole region self-sufficient in terms of energy through belts and roads. Although the design is new, China added unit number five of its first Hualong One nuclear power plant to the grid in November 2020 at the Fuking nuclear power plant. China is investing $ 87 billion in Pakistan through the CPEC.

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