Pakistan: Christian girl kidnapped and raped in Pakistan: Christian kidnapped in Pakistan

A 12-year-old Christian woman in Pakistan was finally rescued after enduring countless tortures. The innocent was kidnapped, then forcibly married to a man who held him in chains. This girl was held captive in a Muslim house for 45 years, where animal feces were kept to her all day. When the police rescued this girl in Faisalabad last month, injuries from chains appeared on her ankles.

24 hours locked in chains
It was alleged that the child’s family had filed several complaints with the police, but they were ignored. The child’s father said, “He told me he was being kept as a slave. He was forced to work all day to clean up the dirt from the animals. 24 hours in a row. The family also alleged that the girl was abducted in June of last year and repeatedly raped.

Despite this, the official report was only recorded in September. He also alleged that he made racist remarks and filed a blasphemy complaint. Even the false medical report accused the girl of 16 to 17 when the age of her birth certificate was 12.

Christian charities have claimed that many of these girls are abducted and forced into marriage. Human rights organizations claim that every year thousands of Christian and Hindu girls are abducted and forced to accept Islam.

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