Pakistan Covid-19 Cases: Pakistan COVID-19 Update Record Deaths From Infection: In Pakistan, Kovid-19 killed at most 201 people in one day.

The cases of corona virus in Pakistan, which offers aid to India, are on the rise. More than 200 deaths were reported Wednesday in Corona in Pakistan, the highest number in a day since the start of the epidemic. Since then, the concern of the Imran Khan government has grown. A few days ago, the Pakistani government offered to help India with a number of medical equipment, including ventilators and x-ray machines, to fight Corona.

201 people died in 24 hours in Pakistan
According to the Pakistani Ministry of National Health Service, in the past 24 hours, 201 people have died from Kovid-19, which has so far killed 17,530 people as a result of this outbreak. The ministry said the condition of 5,214 patients remained critical. There have been 5,292 new cases in Pakistan in the past 24 hours, of which a total of 8.10,231 people have been confirmed infected.

The death number is continuously increasing
According to data, on April 23, the highest number of 157 people died in Pakistan from a one-day infection, while on June 20 last year, 153 people lost their lives in the epidemic. However, the new record is made within a week which indicates the epidemic. There are currently 88,207 undertreated patients in Pakistan, while 7,044,494 patients have become infection-free.

Now Pakistan has also offered aid to India, said – ready to send essentials including ventilator
Imran Khan ordered the deployment of the army
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the Pakistani military to help the police administration follow the Kovid protocol amid growing Corona cases in the country. He called on the army to deploy the Pakistani army wherever force is required by the local administration. He warned that if we don’t get checked in time, then in India, like India, Kovid’s cases may increase.

COVID-19 Pakistan update: After India, Corona broke into now ravaged Pakistan, Imran ordered army deployment
Cities will have to be closed if conditions like India occur.
After a meeting of the Pakistan National Coordinating Committee, Imran Khan said that I call on you to follow the SOPs so that we do not have to take the action India is taking which means the lockdown applies. Half the problem will be solved if you wear a face mask. He warned that if our situation becomes similar to that of India, then we will have to close the cities.

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